Applied geology and hydrology, historical contamination, remediation

Optimal solution

Requirement or necessity to solve environmental problems related to the protection of rocky environment is a very current and ongoing topic.

It is very likely that the importance of this field will continue to grow, not only because of the stricter legislation requirements, but also because of the stricter requirements for construction and reconstruction of industrial sites, etc.

Work in applied geology includes a variety of activities.

Significant activities are related to the construction of investment plans on “greenfields”, in the built-up areas or on “brownfields”.

These are complex services including identification, scope and level of contamination of surface and ground water, soils or construction structures, eventually also activities related to monitoring of the nature of contamination in space and time or activities related to its disposal.

We conduct searches, detailed and supplementary surveys in all areas of geology.

We provide consultations with specialists and scientists and we work closely with construction planners and investors.

We hold professional competence to plan, carry out and evaluate geological works in areas of remediation geology and hydrogeology under Decree No. 206/2001 Coll., as amended.

    Our services:

    • Surveys to determine degree, character and extent of contamination of the area of interest
    • Identification of old environmental burdens, remediation proposals (feasibility studies)
    • Risk analyses of contaminated soils, rocky environment, surface water and groundwater
    • Ecological audits
    • Work management and supervision during remediation works
    • Design, construction of and operation of monitoring systems
    • Monitoring of contaminated sites – sample collection, transport, analysis of soil samples, rock environment, surface water and groundwater, soil air and construction materials
    • Assessment of the environmental impact of surveys and quarrying
    • Expert hydrogeological assessments and studies of environmental geofactors
    • Expert advice on environmental and health risks
    • Consultation activities

    Jacobs Clean Energy s. r. o.

    We are able to provide our customers with above-standard service, for which we have all the professional background and know-how, given by many years of activity in the field. We employ people authorized to assess environmental impacts and experts in all major components of the environment.

    If you know (or believe) that your plan, strategy or document will be subject to a sustainable development assessment, please contact us, preferably in the early stages of your project. We can definitely help you.