About us

Jacobs Clean Energy s.r.o.

Environmental protection and creation

Jacobs Clean Energy s.r.o. (formerly Amec Foster Wheeler s. r. o. and INVEST Projekt s.r.o.) was established in 1990 as a specialized company focusing on services to businesses, investors and government in the area of the protection and creation of the environment in the Czech Republic and states of EU.

Jacobs Clean Energy s.r.o. is part of the Critical Mission Solutions-International section of Jacobs and the organization is responsible for managing operations in Central and Eastern Europe in the environmental field within the company structure.

The company operation is based on professional work by its experts (15 full-time employees) who are holders of series professional certifications and authorizations. The company has successfully delivered hundreds of projects in industry, energy, transport, trade, logistics, mining, waste management and other fields.

„Jacobs Clean Energy s.r.o. vision is to provide services to our customers always in time, reliable and in highest quality. We want to contribute to economic growth and sustainable development in all sectors by our activities, with the careful evaluation and taking into account the principles of nature protection and the environment. We use a complete portfolio of skills and knowledge in the implementation of our projects of both the Czech branch of Jacobs Clean Energy s. r. o. and of the whole company Jacobs, operating in over 50 countries around the world, and take responsibility for the reputation of the whole company.”

Petr Vymazal, Managing Director Jacobs Clean Energy s.r.o.

Jacobs Clean Energy s.r.o.

The environment comes first

    Our vision

    Vision is the long-term ambitions and / or destination. It expresses what the company wants to achieve, the type of work it wants to do and kind of company that wants to be.

    We were the first company that prepared the EIA in the Czech Republic. Our vision is to be a leader in providing consulting services and project management of technically challenging projects in the field of environment in the Czech Republic.

    We want Jacobs Clean Energy s.r.o. to be a successful and growing company, and therefore we want that all our employees understand our vision, believed in it and share our values.

    Our strategy

    • Consolidate and continuously improve our relationship with key clients
    • Adapt our services to current trends, emphasize on communication and client requirements
    • Integrate our activities with other Jacobs offices for sustainable growth and development of an optimal portfolio of offers for both new and existing markets
    • Maintain the team diversity
    • Increase employee qualification
    • Maintain a significant position in the market in environmental area

    Organisation structure

    Jacobs Clean Energy s.r.o. is a part of Critical Mission Solutions section of Jacobs and the organization is responsible, within the company structure, for managing the operations in the area of environment in Central and Eastern Europe region.