Export EIA

Environmental impact assessment

Since 1st of May 2002 the Czech Export Bank requires all applicants for export financing to provide information, which will enable to assess the environmental impact of the  proposed export in the country of its final destination. The Czech Republic undertook this obligation to OECD in November 2001 and it relates to all export projects, where the export loan (credit) is payable in two or more years. Other member countries of OECD follow similar process when providing official support to the export.

Why to evaluate?

Impact of the export projects on the environment has been a sensitive area for some time and the member countries of EU have been asked to strengthen the common approaches to the environmental impact of the export loans.
In 2001 the ministers of OECD stated, that the policy of providing officially supported export credits can positively contribute to the long-term sustainable development and should be in harmony with its aim.
The OECD working group for export credits and credits guarantees (ECG) defined Common approaches to export credits and environment.

    Services provided:

    • export EIA – assessment of the environmental impact of export and investment (EGAP, World Bank)
    • assessment of intent EIA in Czech Republic and abroad
    • applied geology and hydrogeology (ecological contamination, clean-up, recultivation)
    • applications for EU funding, feasibility studies and CBA, consultations
    • technical and organizational support for foreign investors
    • ecological audits, due diligence

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