Town and coutry planning

Landscape planning

Town and country planning coordinates public and private projects while respecting principles of sustainable development, harmonizing environment, economic development and social cohesion. The aim is to increase the quality of land, its optimal use and to protect undeveloped land.
The Policy of land development is the main tool of Town and Country planning and it defines priorities of land development in the national and international framework.
The Principles of land development produced by regional government define developmental areas and corridors for technical and transport infrastructure and system of ecological stability on regional and superregional level.
Municipalities issues their land plans, plans of public infrastructures and define functional use of areas.
Amec Foster Wheeler s.r.o. participates in the preparation and assessment of the investors and municipalities´ projects. It also assesses the Long-term planning of South Moravia Region, Town and Country planning of Breclav and number of land plans for other towns and municipalities. We cooperate with the experienced design companies (e.g. UAD Studio, Atelier Projektis and Studio Region) so that we are able to offer a complete services in the field of Town and Country planning. We are able to produce an land use plan and evaluate its impact on environment and its possible conflicts with NATURA 2000. On the basis of our experience, expert knowledge and professional background, our company will be able to provide complex services in the extent that you need.

    Our Services

    • town and country planning its changes
    • urbanistic studies
    • SEA – assessment of conceptions and theirs impact on the environment
    • application of GIS, visualization and mapping
    • biological and countryside studies
    • localities NATURA 2000
    • building Legislation – support of planning permission

    Jacobs Clean Energy s. r. o.

    We are able to provide our customers with above-standard service, for which we have all the professional background and know-how, given by many years of activity in the field. We employ people authorized to assess environmental impacts and experts in all major components of the environment.

    If you know (or believe) that your plan, strategy or document will be subject to a sustainable development assessment, please contact us, preferably in the early stages of your project. We can definitely help you.